Student Government

In 1915, the College delegated to students the power to establish their own government and the ability to participate in the process of setting regulations that govern their co-curricular lives. The Associated Students of Mills College (ASMC) was formed as a result, and they continue to
represent and support the Mills student body.

ASMC provides a variety of leadership opportunities on the Board and in the Senate. In addition, ASMC sponsors more than 40 student organizations and initiatives that offer ample leadership opportunities and serve a range of student interests and passions.

ASMC plays a key role in student life both outside and inside the classroom. They represent students at Board of Trustees meetings, participate in many campus-wide committees, organize student-led events, and represent the voices of their peers. 

Active participation in the ASMC develops personal and professional skills that are useful in life at Mills and after graduation. The Division of Student Life works closely with ASMC by providing advisors at meetings, assistance with programming, and acting as a historical reference. 

If you would like to get in touch with ASMC, please connect with the executive board and advisors at