Spiritual & Religious Life (SRL)

The Office of Spiritual and Religious Life (SRL) at Mills supports students in their individual spiritual and religious journeys. ,SRL is committed to a diverse, inclusive and welcoming campus. We approach “spirituality” as “meaning-making”, affirming the many ways people explore meaning in life. The office aims to inspire multi-religious literacy and grow interfaith awareness in order to help students prepare to meet the challenges and opportunities of a religiously plural world.

SRL offers seasonal Mills traditions including candle lighting in fall, the Festival of Light and Dark in winter, and Baccalaureate in spring. SRL offers links to local spiritual and religious communities, supports student- led groups, convenes discussion spaces, and offers meditation and spiritual practice opportunities.

The Mills multi-faith chaplain is available to:

  • Meet with individuals and groups
  • Offer individual pastoral and spiritual care to members of the Mills community
  • Perform ritual functions at the college
  • Present educational opportunities related to spirituality and social change, spiritual practices and interfaith awareness

The office serves all members of the Mills campus community, regardless of particular religious or spiritual affiliation. SRL supports Mills students, staff, and faculty members to reflect on meaning, and to strengthen their own personal spiritual resources in order to sustain their lives and communities and create a more just world.

The Spiritual and Religious Life office is located at the Mills College Chapel, a serene and beautiful gathering space set among eucalyptus groves. The chapel is open to all in the Mills community, regardless of spiritual or religious perspective. The main chapel and chapel lounge are open seven days a week, from 7:00 am until 10:00 pm. A labyrinth pattern, inlaid in the outdoor courtyard between the chapel and the music building, is available for walking at all times. All are welcome to drop by for a quiet and peaceful place to rest, study, reflect, pray, meditate or meet with the chaplain, who keeps office hours each week.

SRL is overseen by the Director of Spiritual and Religious Life and Multi-Faith Chaplain, Rev. Dara Olandt. For more information, please check our Facebook, email chaplain@mills.edu, or call 510.430.3123.