Residential Life

The best way to experience the vibrant Mills community is to live on campus. Because our students represent a wide range of ethnicities, backgrounds, ages, identities, and interests, living together and drawing from that breadth of experience becomes part of the learning process. Living on campus is also ideal way to make lifelong friends. Mills provides students with multiple housing options, including traditional residence halls, apartments, and cooperative housing. Wherever a student resides, all are guaranteed to provide an increased understanding of self and community.

The mission of residential life at Mills is to foster a safe, inclusive, and supportive community in which residents develop interpersonal skills and respect for self and others. Residents are provided opportunities to engage across difference, live in community, and grow through conversation and interactions with their peers. By choosing to live on campus, students immerse themselves in the Mills culture and experience a valuable part of our educational heritage.

First-year students live in themed living communities which provide a more intimate environment where residents connect around a shared topic or interest area. Faculty and staff will interact with residents in the community through a workshop series where they are able to share academic and/or personal passion projects, providing a unique out of the classroom opportunity to build connections.

Continuing, transfer, and graduate students have a variety of living options available to them. From our various traditional residence halls, three different apartment communities, and two small houses, every Mills student can find a place that truly feels like home during their time as a student.

Each community is supported by a full-time live-in professional Area Coordinator (AC) and a dedicated group of Resident Assistants (RA). Paraprofessional RAs are knowledgeable and involved members of the Mills community. They are well trained and charged with the most important task of our department's mission: the creation, development, and support of our residential communities.

Our Residential Life staff serve as resources around academic, social, and cultural topics and as catalysts for networking with other members of the Mills community. The philosophy of the Residential Life program is based upon concepts of personal responsibility, inclusivity, respect for others, and the processes of personal and social development.

For more information about the Residential Life program, call 510.430.2130.