International Students

Mills College is proud to educate students from around the world as part of our global learning environment. While all students experience new challenges when they start college, international students often face additional adjustments when they first come to the United States. To ensure that students are fully supported, Mills offers the following services for international students: 

International Student Orientation

Mills College provides an International Student Orientation before classes start to help students adjust to the new academic and social environment of Mills, as well as to introduce them to the resources available for international students.

For more information about orientation, please visit the orientation website

International Advising

The International Student Advisors (ISA) are US government Designated School Officials (DSOs) who are available to help international students acclimate to school and life in the United States. International advising services include immigration advising and compliance, work permissions, and personal support and advocacy. International students are encouraged to be in close contact with the ISA throughout their time at Mills.

The ISA also work closely with all members of the Mills community to ensure quality programming that fosters global awareness, promotes respect, and facilitates understanding of the many cultures represented at Mills.

To contact the ISA, please email

International Student Clubs

Any student who identifies as an international student or who is interested in a club can join an international student club. If you are interested in joining or creating a club, please contact

International Student Health Plan

International students receive comprehensive and affordable health insurance coverage that meets US government requirements. For more information about the health plan, please visit the Healthcare for International Students web page. 

For more information about the Mills International Program, please email or call 800.87.MILLS.