Division of Student Life (DSL)

Division of Student Life Mission

The mission of the Division of Student Life is to educate students by providing transformative learning experiences grounded in social justice.

Our guiding principles includes a commitment to wellness, social justice, leadership, transformative learning, and creating a sense of belonging. We provide undergraduate and graduate student engagement opportunities and support for academic and co-curricular success.

Division of Student Life

  • Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation (APER)
  • Center for Student Leadership, Equity, and Excellence
  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
  • Dean of Students, Conduct, and Title IX
  • Diversity and Social Justice Resources
  • Residential Life
  • Student Access and Support Services (SASS)
  • Spiritual and Religious Life (SRL)
  • Wellness and Community Outreach

Offices are located in the Cowell Building, Haas Pavilion, Rothwell Center, Carnegie Hall, in various locations in the residential buildings, and in the Chapel. For more information, call 510.430.2130.

Community Standards

Individual integrity and mutual respect are a foundation of the Mills College learning community. Students are expected to participate responsibly and actively in making Mills the best learning environment it can be and to recognize that the honor and well-being of the entire community are affected by their actions. Mills College expects that every Mills student will behave with respect and integrity at all times; comply with state and federal laws; adhere to Mills College policies as published in the Mills College Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs, the Student Handbook, and other College documents; and respect the rights and property of all. 

Mills College community members share responsibility for maintaining an environment in which the rights of each individual are respected. The personal and academic integrity of every person strengthens and improves the quality of life for the entire community. This is vital in striving toward a welcoming and supportive climate in which all people are respected and free to express differing ideas and opinions.

Code of Conduct

Mills College expects students to recognize the strength of personal differences while respecting institutional values. Students are encouraged to think and act for themselves; however, they must do so in a manner consistent with the community standards.

The purpose of the Community Standards, the Code of Conduct, and the Student Honor Code is to communicate these values and standards to the College community and promote an environment conducive to education, work, recreation, and study. Consult the Student Handbook for complete information on the Academic Integrity and Student Conduct policies affecting students.

Campus Computing Policy

Students are encouraged to use Mills computing systems for academic work as well as communication on and off campus. Such open access is a privilege, and it requires that individual users act responsibly in using Mills computing facilities, following electronic copyright laws, and respecting the intellectual property rights of others. Consult the Student Handbook for complete information on the Mills Computing Agreement.

Drug-Free Campus Policy 

Each student at Mills is considered an adult who assumes personal responsibility for their own conduct. Mills students are expected to comply with all state and federal laws as well as College policies regarding alcoholic beverages and other drugs, prescription or illicit.  Due to federal law, marijuana, in any form or for any purpose, is not allowed on campus regardless of the California state law.

The Student Handbook provides a complete description of the drug and alcohol policies and regulations, guidelines, and procedures for student-sponsored events that may include alcohol, as well as the sanctions regarding alcohol or illegal drugs on campus.