Pre-Nursing Certificate

Minimum of 56 semester course credits

BIO 010NIntroductory Biology for Health Sciences4
BIO 031NHuman Anatomy for Nurses4
BIO 034NHuman Physiology for Nurses4
BIO 041NMicrobiology for Nurses4
CHEM 037NSurvey of Chemistry for Nurses4
CHEM 038NSurvey of Chemistry II: Principles of Nutrition for Nurses3
COLL 005Information Literacy-Information Technology Skills0
ENG 001ENG 001: Rhetoric and Composition for the College Writer4
PHIL 062Ethics 13
PSYC 040Life-Span Developmental Psychology3
PSYC 049Fundamentals of Psychology3
SOC 055Introduction to Sociology3
MATH 003Pre-Calculus3
Select one course that meets the Race, Gender, and Power requirement
Select one course that meets the Creativity, Innovation, and Experimentation requirement
Select two continuous semesters of courses that meet the Language Other Than English requirement
Other transfer schools may require supplementary or have different course requirements.