Women's Studies Minor

Minimum of 18 semester course credits

WGSS 071Introduction to Women's Studies3
Select five additional courses from the list below in consultation with an adviser. At least two of the courses must be WGSS courses.15-20
ARTH/WGSS 190Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Art4
ARTH 192Seminar: Gender and the Western Visual Tradition4
ECON 117Women and the Economy3
EDUC 129Schools, Sexuality, and Gender 3
ENG 061RStudies in Lesbian Writing3
ENG 104Introduction to Critical Theory3
ENG 105Topics in Late Medieval and Early Modern Literature and Culture3
ENG 117Representing Blackness: Film and Literature in Africa and the Diaspora4
ENG 152Poets of Color of the 20th and 21st Centuries3-4
ETHS 052African American Women's History3
ETHS 113Comics and Politics: Visual Culture, Power, and Ideology3-4
ETHS 120Decolonizing Spirituality: Indigenous Religions in the Americas3
ETHS 150Black Feminist Theory3
ETHS 154Writing the Self: Autobiographies of People of Color in the U.S.3
ETHS 156Contemporary Queer Writers of Color3
ETHS 157Race, Gender, and the Criminal Justice System3-4
ETHS 166Women of Color in Social Movements3-4
ETHS 188Film, Color, and Culture: Images of People of Color in Cinema4
HIST 160History of Women in America3
LET 142French and Francophone Women Writers3-4
LET 161Latin American Women Writers in Translation3
LET 168Women in Cinema: Latin America, Spain and U.S. Latinas3
MUS 116Women, Gender, and Music3
PPOL 118Women's Leadership in Politics: Theory and Practice3
PPOL 125Gender and Public Policy3-4
REL 040Introduction to the Study of Religions3-4
SOC 146Sociology of Hip-Hop3
SOC 149Sociology of U.S. Immigration3
SOC 158Gender and Society3
SOSC 120Women and the Law3
WGSS 072Introduction to Queer Studies3
WGSS 101Feminist and Queer Research Methodologies4
WGSS 105Sexuality and the City3
WGSS 106Postcolonial Feminist Theory and Literature3-4
WGSS 109Comparative Studies on Women in Religion3
WGSS 110Sex, Body, and Gender in Early European Societies3
WGSS 111Women, Gender and Cultural Production in the Global South3-4
WGSS 112Race, Gender, and the Environment3
WGSS 115African and Caribbean Literatures3-4
WGSS 131Women in Islam3
WGSS 135Race, Sexuality, and the State3
WGSS 149Post-Colonial Conditions: Contemporary Women's Writings from Africa3-4
WGSS 150Gender, Diaspora and Social Issues in Indian Women's Literature and Cinema3-4
WGSS 172American Indian and Pacific Islander Women3-4
WGSS 175Transnational Sexualities3
WGSS 182Feminist and Queer Theories3
WGSS 192Senior Project 4

Special topics courses and independent studies may count toward the minor with adviser approval.

At least four of the courses taken for the minor must be upper division.