Religious Studies Minor

Minimum of 18 semester course credits

REL 040Introduction to the Study of Religions (or other as determined by faculty advisor)3-4
Select five elective courses in consultation with a faculty advisor from the list below. 115-20
Introduction to Asian Art: India, Nepal, and Tibet
Introduction to Asian Art: China
The Italian Renaissance
Northern European Art
The Art of Mughal India
Early Japanese Art
World Roots of Literature
The Bible as Literature
Topics in Literature and Religion
Decolonizing Spirituality: Indigenous Religions in the Americas
HIST 146
Philosophy of Religion
Comparative Studies on Women in Religion
Sex, Body, and Gender in Early European Societies
Women in Islam
Special topics courses and relevant internships can also count toward the minor with advisor approval.

Students may also choose up to two electives taken through cross- registration as approved by the faculty advisor. In particular, students are encouraged to look at courses at the Graduate Theological Union and UC Berkeley.  

Please view more information about cross registration at Mills.