Queer Studies Minor

Minimum of 19 semester course credits

WGSS 072Introduction to Queer Studies4
Select five additional courses from the list of electives in consultation with an advisor. At least two of the courses must be WGSS courses.15-20
Schools, Sexuality, and Gender
Studies in Lesbian Writing
Introduction to Critical Theory
Topics in Late Medieval and Early Modern Literature and Culture
African American Women's History
Contemporary Queer Writers of Color
Feminist and Queer Research Methodologies
Sexuality and the City
The Politics of Care
Race, Sexuality, and the State
Transnational Sexualities
Feminist and Queer Theories
Fieldwork Study in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Special topics courses and courses with relevant service learning components can also be counted toward the minor with advisor approval.
At least four of the courses taken for the minor must be upper division.