Public Health and Health Equity Major—BS, Health Sciences Concentration (PHE Science)

Minimum of 36 semester course credits plus general BS requirements

Public Health and Health Equity:
PHE 001Introduction to Public Health3
PHE 100Theories and Praxis of Health Equity4
PHE 002Health Advocacy Program (or other approved internship) 12
Research and Policy:
ETHS 189Research Methods with Communities of Color, with Fieldwork 24
PPOL 015Introduction to Policy: Identifying and Solving Public Problems 3
Natural Sciences
BIO 153Human Physiology 23
BIOC 141Protein Chemistry and Enzymology3
Select one of the following:3-4
Metabolism and Proteomics
CHEM 105Organic Chemistry I4
CHEM 106Organic Chemistry II4
Social Determinants of Health:
Select one of the following:3-4
Health Psychology 2
Medical Sociology
Senior Requirement
ETHS 191Senior Seminar4
or BIO 191 Senior Seminar

The additional mathematics course in the natural science and mathematics core must be either ECON 081 Introduction to Statistics or PSYC 146 Statistics for the Behavioral SciencesPHE 002 Health Advocacy Program and PHE 003 can count toward the Independent Experience requirement for the BS degree. 

Note for Pre-Medical students: The BS in Public Health and Health Equity with a Health Sciences concentration provides strong preparation for medical school. It is important that each pre-med student consults with a pre-med advisor at the very beginning of their undergraduate career. Please see the Medicine/Health Sciences webpage