Public Health and Health Equity Major—BA

Minimum of 39 semester course credits and general BA requirements

Public Health and Health Equity:
PHE 001Introduction to Public Health3
PHE 100Theories and Praxis of Health Equity4
PHE 002Health Advocacy Program (or other approved internship) 12
Quantitative Competency:
ECON 081Introduction to Statistics (or equivalent)3
Research and Policy:
ETHS 189Research Methods with Communities of Color, with Fieldwork 34
PPOL 015Introduction to Policy: Identifying and Solving Public Problems 3
Natural Sciences:
BIO 010NIntroductory Biology for Health Sciences4
Social Determinants of Health:
Select one of the following:3-4
Health Psychology 3
Medical Sociology
Senior Requirement
ETHS 191Senior Seminar4
Select three from the list below: 29-12
The Economics of Poverty, Inequality, and Discrimination
Latin American Social Movements
Inventing the "Other," Policing Differences
The "Third World": Colonialism and Globalization
Race, Gender, and the Environment
Race, Gender, and the Criminal Justice System
Women of Color in Social Movements
Bioethics: Medicine, Law, and Philosophy
Methods of Social Research and Policy Analysis
Social Policy Analysis
Health Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Medical Sociology
Sociology of Oakland
Introduction to Women's Studies
Introduction to Queer Studies
Race, Sexuality, and the State
American Indian and Pacific Islander Women