Politics, Economics, Policy and Law Major—BA

Minimum of 37 semester course credits and general BA requirements

Core Courses Required of all PEPL Majors
ECON 050Introduction to Economics2-4
PPOL 093Law and Society3
PPOL 015Introduction to Policy: Identifying and Solving Public Problems 3
SOC 091Methods of Social Research with Lab4
or PPOL 100 Methods of Policy Analysis


Each concentration requires a minimum of 23 semester credits, composed of two to three specific courses, plus a minimum number of elective credits.

Students may declare up to two concentrations, but courses counted toward the specific requirements for one concentration may not be counted as electives for another. Students completing two concentrations must, therefore, complete 6-12 more credits than if they were to select a single concentration. 

Politics Concentration

Select two from the following:
PPOL 016Comparative Politics3-4
or PPOL 017 International Relations
or PPOL 151 Political Representation
Electives: elect 17 semester course credits from the list below.

Economic Analysis Concentration

ECON 081Introduction to Statistics4
or MATH 102 Probability and Statistics
ECON 100Microeconomic Theory4
ECON 101Macroeconomic Theory3
Electives: select 11 semester course credits from the list below. Three credits must be in Economics.

Public Policy Concentration

Required: select two of the following
PPOL 118Women's Leadership in Politics: Theory and Practice4
PPOL 139Ethical Reasoning in Politics and Public Policy4
PPOL 150Environmental Policy Analysis4
PPOL 180Special Topics 14
Electives: select 17 semester course credits from the list below.

Legal Analysis Concentration

Required: one course in constitutional law
PPOL 152American Constitutional Law: Fundamental Freedoms3-4
Required: one course in critical or deductive reasoning selected from:
CS 063Introduction to Computer Science 4
ECON 149Strategic Behavior4-4
ENG 104Introduction to Critical Theory3
ETHS 126Theories of Race and Ethnicity4
PHIL 051Formal Logic4
MATH 004Discrete Mathematics I4
WGSS 182Feminist and Queer Theories3
Electives: select 17 semester course credits from the list below.

Elective List

Major electives may be drawn from any of the courses listed below or other courses approved by the student’s major advisor. Please consult with your advisor to identify the most appropriate elective choices for your concentration.

ARTH 193Seminar: The Image and the Law4
ECON 113Money and Financial Institutions3
ECON 116Corporate Finance3-4
ECON 117Women and the Economy3
ECON 130The Economics of Poverty, Inequality, and Discrimination3-4
ECON 134Public Sector Economics: The Economics of Government4
ECON 136Managerial Economics3-4
ECON 141Economics of Education3-4
ECON 149Strategic Behavior3
ECON 153Environmental Economics3
ECON 155International Trade3
ECON 158International Finance3-4
ECON 159Economic Development3-4
ECON 164Econometrics and Business Forecasting3-4
ECON 165Applied Econometrics3
ECON 182Modeling and Data Analysis4
ETHS 040/140Activism in the Digital Age3-4
ETHS 159Intro to Chicanx & Latinx Studies3-4
ETHS 165Politics of Chicanx and Latinx Communities3-4
HIST 116History of the American City3
PHIL 028/128Political Philosophy3
PHIL 062Ethics3
PPOL 016Comparative Politics3
PPOL 017International Relations4
PPOL 103Written and Oral Communication for Policy and Politics2
PPOL 114Social Policy Analysis4
PPOL 115The American Presidency3
PPOL 116Qualitative Methods in Policy Research4
PPOL 118Women's Leadership in Politics: Theory and Practice4
PPOL 130Regime Change3-4
PPOL 132Theories of International Relations3-4
PPOL 139Ethical Reasoning in Politics and Public Policy4
PPOL 141Law and Public Policy3
PPOL 142African Politics3-4
PPOL 143States and Nations3
PPOL 148Model United Nations3
PPOL 152American Constitutional Law: Fundamental Freedoms3-4
PPOL 157Minority Political Behavior3-4
PPOL 150Environmental Policy Analysis4
PPOL 151Political Representation3-4
PPOL 187Comparative Politics of Social Policy1-3
SOC 101Sociology of Families3-4
SOC 125
SOC 129Race and Ethnic Relations in the U.S.3
SOC 134Social Inequality3
SOC 142Medical Sociology3
SOC 145Sociology of Education3-4
SOC 149Sociology of U.S. Immigration3-4
SOC 156Sociology of Oakland4
WGSS 105Sexuality and the City3
WGSS 125The Politics of Care3-3
WGSS 135Race, Sexuality, and the State3
WGSS 175Transnational Sexualities3

Limited substitutions for concentration and elective courses may be permitted upon approval of the student's advisor.