Political Science Minor

Students must complete at least 18 semester credits, including at least 9 upper division credits. Students must complete at least one course in each of the five subfields of Political Science.

American Politics

ETHS 040/140Activism in the Digital Age3-4
ETHS 165Politics of Chicanx and Latinx Communities3-4
PPOL 093Law and Society3
PPOL 115The American Presidency3
PPOL 151Political Representation3-4
PPOL 152American Constitutional Law: Fundamental Freedoms3-4
PPOL 157Minority Political Behavior3-4

Comparative Politics

ETHS 039Latin American Social Movements3-4
PPOL 016Comparative Politics3
PPOL 130Regime Change3-4
PPOL 142African Politics3-4
PPOL 143States and Nations3
PPOL 187Comparative Politics of Social Policy1-3

International Relations

ETHS 047The "Third World": Colonialism and Globalization3
ETHS 158Latin American Transnational Migration3-4
PPOL 017International Relations4
PPOL 132Theories of International Relations4
PPOL 148Model United Nations3

Political Analysis

DATA 150Introduction to Data Analysis4
ECON 081Introduction to Statistics3
ECON 165Applied Econometrics3
ECON 182Modeling and Data Analysis4
MATH 102Probability and Statistics4
PPOL 100Methods of Social Research and Policy Analysis4

Political Theory

ETHS 126Theories of Race and Ethnicity4
ETHS 150Black Feminist Theory3
PHIL 028/128Political Philosophy3
PHIL 125Philosophy of Law3
WGSS 106Postcolonial Feminist Theory and Literature3-4
WGSS 135Race, Sexuality, and the State3
WGSS 182Feminist and Queer Theories3