Music Major—BA

Minimum of 42 semester course credits and general BA requirements

MUS 003Musicianship I–IV2
MUS 005Diatonic Harmony and Counterpoint I4
MUS 006Diatonic Harmony and Counterpoint II4
MUS 149Creativity Seminar: conception, collaboration, realization.4
MUS 1504
Each student chooses courses from the areas of study below:20
Music and Culture
Musics of the World: Southeast Asia, Korea and Japan
Musics of the World: Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Americas
20th-Century Styles and Techniques I: 1900–1945
Experimental Music: From 1952 to the Present
Women, Gender, and Musical Creativity
Studies in European Music and Culture to 1750
Classical and Romantic Music
American Music
Film Music: Mood and Meaning
Seminar in Music Literature and Criticism
The Music of India: Brahma to Bhangra
The World of Opera
African American Music: The Meaning and the Message
Electronic Music
Introduction to Electronic Music
Introduction to Computer Music
Sound Techniques of Recording
Advanced Audio Recording
Contemporary Instrumentation and Orchestration
Music Instrument Building
Seminar in Musical Performance, Composition, and Improvisation
Music Theory
Musical Form: Listening and Analysis
Post-Tonal Theory and Analysis
Advanced Chromatic Harmony and Post-Tonal Theory
Tonal Analysis
Individual Instruction - Instrumental
Individual Instruction - Voice
Mills College Choir
Music Improvisation Ensemble I
Contemporary Performance Ensemble
Gamelan Ensemble
Haitian Drumming
Vocal Jazz Improvisation Ensemble
Performance Collective
The Technique and Mystery of Singing
Mills College Percussion Group
Improvisation Workshop
Seminar in Musical Performance, Composition, and Improvisation