Mathematics Major—BS

Minimum of 36 semester course credits and general BS requirements

MATH 049Multivariable Calculus4
MATH 050Linear Algebra4
MATH 131Introduction to Abstract Algebra4
MATH 141
MATH 142
Real Analysis I
and Real Analysis II
Select four courses from the following:16
Discrete Mathematics II
Probability and Statistics
Differential Equations
Mathematical Modeling
Linear Optimization
Theory of Computation
Topics in Algebra
Foundations of Geometry
Topics in Topology
Complex Analysis
Topics in Mathematics
Computer Concepts and Intermediate Programming
Theory of Algorithms
Other computer science upper-division courses may be used as electives in the mathematics major at the discretion of the department.
Additional courses in mathematics, logic, and computer science, and a reading knowledge of French, German, or Russian, are useful.

Note: MATH 049 Multivariable Calculus, MATH 050 Linear Algebra, or MATH 141 Real Analysis I, included in the required courses above, and MATH 102 Probability and Statistics, MATH 104 Differential Equations, or CS 064 Computer Concepts and Intermediate Programming, if chosen from the list of electives above, may not be counted toward the natural science and mathematics core option for the BS degree.

Students intending to pursue graduate study are encouraged to give an oral presentation on an advanced topic.