Mathematics Major—BA

Minimum of 46 semester course credits and general BA requirements

MATH 047
MATH 048
Calculus I
and Calculus II
MATH 049Multivariable Calculus4
MATH 050Linear Algebra4
MATH 131Introduction to Abstract Algebra4
MATH 141
MATH 142
Real Analysis I
and Real Analysis II
Select five courses from the following:20
Discrete Mathematics II
Probability and Statistics
Differential Equations
Mathematical Modeling
Linear Optimization
Theory of Computation
Topics in Algebra
Foundations of Geometry
Topics in Topology
Complex Analysis
Topics in Mathematics 1
Computer Concepts and Intermediate Programming
Theory of Algorithms
Other computer science upper-division courses may be used as electives in the mathematics major at the discretion of the department.
Additional courses in mathematics, logic, and computer science, and a reading knowledge of French, German, or Russian, are useful.

Students intending to pursue graduate study are encouraged to give an oral presentation on an advanced topic.