Journalism Minor

Minimum of 18 semester course credits

ENG 072/172Journalism I: Reporting, Writing & Editing3
ENG 073/173Journalism II: Introduction to Digital Journalism3
And select four from the following:12
Intro to Podcasting
Craft of Literary Journalism
Digital Storytelling
Darkroom Photography: Making + Engaging
Video I
Sociology of Mass Communication
One elective that supports reporting 1

In addition, we strongly encourage at least one internship in the field of journalism. Most internships require previous academic background and college newspaper experience, so it is important to begin planning as early as possible.

Special note for students minoring in journalism and majoring in English: English courses which count toward the journalism minor and which are not included as credits toward the English major shall, for purposes of the English major, be included in the 17 elective courses required outside of English.