International Relations Minor

Minimum of 18 semester course credits

Comparative Politics
International Relations
Model United Nations
Language Other Than English Requirement3
Students must demonstrate intermediate competence in a language other than English by completing one of the courses listed below or another course in a language other than English at a similar level or above with the approval of their minor advisor. - FREN 003 or above - SPAN 003 or above - CHNS 003 or above
Students must select 6 additional credits from the elective list below. Other courses may be considered in consultation with a student’s minor advisor.
ECON 155International Trade3
ECON 158International Finance3-4
ECON 159Economic Development3-4
ETHS 039Latin American Social Movements3-4
ETHS 047The "Third World": Colonialism and Globalization3
ETHS 158Latin American Transnational Migration3-4
PPOL 130Regime Change3-4
PPOL 132Theories of International Relations3-4
PPOL 142African Politics3-4
PPOL 143States and Nations3
PPOL 187Comparative Politics of Social Policy1-3
PPOL 191Senior Seminar4