Examples of Individualized Majors

The following are some of the many individualized majors have been submitted to and approved by the Academic Standing Committee in the past.

Business, Management, and Social Innovation

Leadership and Analysis
Introduction to Economics
ECON 073
Financial Accounting
Dollars and Sense
GOVT 101
Organizational Theory
GOVT 102
Administrative Behavior
GOVT 118
Science, Technology, and Public Policy
ICL 095
IS: Community Internship
ICL 181
Women's Leadership Seminar
Women's Leadership in Politics: Theory and Practice
Introduction to Sociology
Research and Capstone
Special Topics in Education ( Inquiry and Action in Urban Contexts)
ENG 195
IS: Documenting Social Change

Middle East Studies: Conflict and Social Change

History and Politics
GOVT 137
Comparative Politics Middle East
HIST 267
Medieval Culture 1
HIST 269
Middle Ages 1200-1500 1
HM 1407
Historiography in the Mediterranean 1
HUM 1278
Intro to Islam 1
MDES 3000
Modernization and Social Change 1
SSC 420
Reporting from the Frontlines 1
Women in Islam 1
Transnational Sexualities 1
ARAB 1009
Beg. Modern Arabic 1
ARAB 2006
Int. Modern Standard Arabic 1
Research and Capstone
ANTH 3500
Field Study Seminar 1
Senior Seminar

Psychology and Multicultural Trauma

Culture and Politics
GOVT 1413
LET 111Women, Gender and Cultural Production in the Global South3-4
LET 142French and Francophone Women Writers3-4
LET 149Post-Colonial Conditions: Contemporary Women's Writings from Africa3-4
WGSS 109Comparative Studies on Women in Religion3
FREN 003Intermediate French III4
FREN 004Intermediate French IV4
FREN 100Advanced Grammar, Translation and Writing3-4
IDST 47 Trauma and the Arts 13
PYC 001 General Psychology3
PSYC 005 Statistics for Behavioral Psychology 13
PSYC 040Life-Span Developmental Psychology 13
PSYC 118Psychopathology3
PSYC 130Human Memory3
PSYC 155Social Psychology3
PSYC 161Clinical Psychology3
PSYC 192History and Issues in Psychology4
Research and Capstone
PSYC 151Research Methods in Psychology4
PSYC 191Thesis Project4

Transcultural Francophone Studies

Survey courses
FREN 101Introduction to French Literature3
FREN 102Introduction to Francophone Literature3
3 language courses beyond French 001 and 002:
FREN 003Intermediate French III4
FREN 004Intermediate French IV4
FREN 100Advanced Grammar, Translation and Writing3-4
One semester of study abroad in a Mills-affiliated program in a French-speaking country is highly recommended.
Upper Division courses
(3 generally selected from the following)
The Francophone Levant and the Ottoman Empire
Contemporary French and Francophone Theory
Popular Tales: a Cross-Cultural Comparison
Dangerous Crossings:War and Migration in Francophone African and Middle Eastern Literature
De-colonizing Algeria: Algerian Women Writers and Filmmakers
Francophone Women's Writing from Martinique, Haiti, and Guadeloupe
Debunking Orientalist Stereotypes: Asian Writings in French
Special Topics in French & Francophone Literature
Electives from outside of French and Francophone Studies
(2 generally selected from the following)
World Roots of Literature
Representing Blackness: Film and Literature in Africa and the Diaspora
Business French and Cultural Praxis
Language, Meaning, and Understanding
Postcolonial Feminist Theory and Literature
Transnational Sexualities
FREN 191Senior Thesis3

Spanish and Spanish American Studies

SPAN 101Advanced Spanish Grammar, Composition and Translation4
SPAN 140Introduction to Hispanic Literatures3
LET 131Cultures and Identities in the Americas and the Caribbean3-4
Four upper-division course credits in Spanish
(generally selected from the following list. May be taken through study abroad or cross-registration)
Spanish for Spanish Speakers: Language, Culture, and Identity
Intermediate Oral Skills Through Readings and Writing
Poetry Workshop
Fiction Workshop
Intersections of Art and Poetry
Contemporary Latin American, Spanish and U.S. Latina (o) Short Fiction
The 20th-Century Hispanic Novel
Special Topics in Hispanic Literatures
Seminar in Iberian, Latin American and U.S. Latina(o) Literatures
Select two electives chosen in consultation with major advisor May be taken in English; see Letters
SPAN 191Senior Thesis3

Urban Cultures: Urban Cultures and Community Change

Social, Cultural and Economic Analysis
COLL 60 Inventing the Other
ECON 139Urban Economics3
ENG 180AST: Queer Archival Desires3
HIST 116History of the American City3
JOUR 310 Mass Media and Society 1
SOC 1283
SOC 300 Intro to Sociology 1
SOC 301 Social Problems 1
STAT 301: Intro to Statistics 1
WMST 180A Sexuality and the City
WMST 180B Intro to Quee Studies
WGSS 135Race, Sexuality, and the State3
Research and Capstone
SOC 091Methods of Social Research with Lab4
ETHS 191Senior Seminar4