Environmental Studies Major—BA

Minimum of 43 semester course credits and general BA requirements

BIO 002General Biology II with Lab 14
BIO 125Principles of Ecology 4
CHEM 004Introduction to College Chemistry 23-4
or CHEM 017 General Chemistry I
ECON 050Introduction to Economics 34
ECON 081Introduction to Statistics 34
or MATH 102 Probability and Statistics
ECON 153Environmental Economics3
ENVS 022Introduction to Environmental Science3
PPOL 150Environmental Policy Analysis4
ECON 192Senior Seminar in Economics4
or PPOL 191 Senior Seminar
Select one elective from each perspective list, plus an additional elective from either list, in consultation with your major advisor: 46-8
Social Science Perspectives
Public Sector Economics: The Economics of Government 1
Environmental Ethics
Introduction to Policy: Identifying and Solving Public Problems
Methods of Social Research and Policy Analysis 1
SOC 128
Natural Science Perspectives
Animal Behavior
BIO 145
Conservation Biology
The Ecology of Plants for Non-majors
Marine Biology
Vertebrate Biology
General Chemistry II
Environmental Geology
Climate Change