Environmental Science Major—BA

Minimum of 44 semester course credits and general BA requirements

BIO 001General Biology I with Lab4
or BIO 002 General Biology II with Lab
BIO 125Principles of Ecology 4
CHEM 017
CHEM 018
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry II
CHEM 105Organic Chemistry I 24
or CHEM 109 Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 109Analytical Chemistry5
ENVS 050Environmental Geology4
ENVS 107Climate Change3
MATH 047Calculus I4
or ECON 081 Introduction to Statistics
Senior Requirement
BIO 191Senior Seminar4
or CHEM 191 Senior Seminar
Select two courses from the following:6-8
Animal Behavior
Conservation Biology
Plant Ecology
Marine Biology
Vertebrate Biology 1
Community-based conversation in a biodiversity hotspot: Ecuador
Organic Chemistry I
Analytical Chemistry
General Physics I
General Physics II
Select one course from the following:3-4
Public Sector Economics: The Economics of Government 1
Urban Economics
Environmental Economics 1
Race, Gender, and the Environment
Theories and Praxis of Health Equity
Environmental Policy Analysis

Those who would like to minor in environmental science are encouraged to choose a minor in biology or chemistry, with appropriate electives.

Those interested in environmental policy are encouraged to consider a minor in public policy.