Urban Education Minor

18 semester course credits

EDUC 101Social Foundations of Education3
EDUC 120Urban Education3-4
EDUC 125Inquiry and Action in Urban Contexts3-4
Urban Economics
Economics of Education
Teaching for Diversity
Public Policy: Children, Youth, and Family Issues
History of Education in the United States
Hip Hop Pedagogy
ENG 122A/222A
EDUC 122B/222B
Introduction to Ethnic Studies
African American Women's History
Theories of Race and Ethnicity
Latin American Transnational Migration
Intro to Chicanx & Latinx Studies
Politics of Chicanx and Latinx Communities
Cultures and Identities in the Americas and the Caribbean
Introduction to Policy: Identifying and Solving Public Problems
PPOL 111
PPOL 112
Urban Sociology
Social Inequality
Sociology of Education
Sociology of Hip-Hop
Sociology of Oakland