Economics Major—BA

Minimum of 38 semester course credits and general BA requirements

ECON 050Introduction to Economics2-4
ECON 081Introduction to Statistics3
ECON 100Microeconomic Theory3-4
ECON 101Macroeconomic Theory3
Senior Requirement
ECON 192Senior Seminar in Economics4
Select 21 additional semester credits in economics.


Students can choose to complete a concentration by focusing their electives on a particular area of study. Concentrations for Economics majors are available in data analysis, environmental sustainability, finance, international markets and policy, social issues, and strategy.

Data Analysis Concentration

Take any three of the following:
ECON 164Econometrics and Business Forecasting3-4
ECON 165Applied Econometrics3
ECON 182Modeling and Data Analysis4
DATA 60Data Visualization3-3

Environmental Sustainability Concentration

Take any three of the following:
ECON 153Environmental Economics3
ECON 134Public Sector Economics: The Economics of Government3
ENVS 050Environmental Geology4
ENVS 107Climate Change3
PPOL 150Environmental Policy Analysis4

Finance Concentration

Take any three of the following:
ECON 113Money and Financial Institutions3
ECON 116Corporate Finance3-4
ECON 118Financial Derivatives3-4
ECON 158International Finance3-4
ECON 182Modeling and Data Analysis4

International Markets and Policy Concentration

Take a minimum of two semesters of study in language other than English.

  • Non-native speakers of English may opt for language courses that improve their knowledge of English (with advisor approval).
  • Students are strongly encouraged to take more than the minimum number of language courses and count them as electives outside the major.
Take three courses from the following with at least two being ECON courses: 1
ECON 155International Trade3
ECON 158International Finance3-4
ECON 159Economic Development3-4
ETHS 047The "Third World": Colonialism and Globalization3
PPOL 187Comparative Politics of Social Policy1-3
PPOL 141Law and Public Policy3

Social Issues Concentration

Take any three of the following:
ECON 117Women and the Economy3
ECON 130The Economics of Poverty, Inequality, and Discrimination3-4
ECON 134Public Sector Economics: The Economics of Government4
ECON 139Urban Economics3
ECON 141Economics of Education3-4

Strategy Concentration

Take any three of the following:
ECON 136Managerial Economics3-4
ECON 149Strategic Behavior4-4
PPOL 132Theories of International Relations3-4