Data Science Major—BA

Minimum of 47 semester course credits and general BA requirements

Foundational Courses
CS 063Introduction to Computer Science 4
CS 064Computer Concepts and Intermediate Programming4
MATH 047Calculus I3
MATH 048Calculus II3
MATH 050Linear Algebra4
Core Courses
DATA 60Data Visualization3
DATA 150Introduction to Data Analysis4
MATH 102Probability and Statistics4
MATH 108Mathematical Modeling4


Select one of the following tracks.

Computational Analytics

CS 124Data Structures and Algorithms4
MATH 004Discrete Mathematics I4
Select two courses from the following:8
Theory of Algorithms
Cryptography and Network Security
Machine Learning
Software Engineering

Mathematical Analytics

MATH 049Multivariable Calculus4
Select three courses from the following12
Differential Equations
Introduction to Abstract Algebra
Real Analysis I
Real Analysis II

Economic and Policy Analytics

ECON 164Econometrics and Business Forecasting4
Select three courses from the following12
Public Sector Economics: The Economics of Government
Strategic Behavior
Modeling and Data Analysis
Applied Econometrics
Methods of Social Research and Policy Analysis

Sociological Analytics

PPOL/SOC 100Methods of Social Research and Policy Analysis4
PPOL 114Social Policy Analysis4
PPOL 125/225Gender and Public Policy3-4
SOC 091Methods of Social Research and Policy Analysis4
SOC 134Social Inequality3