Chinese Language and Culture Minor

Minimum of 19 semester course credits

Four semesters of Chinese language chosen from:
CHNS 001Elementary Chinese I4
CHNS 002Elementary Chinese II4
CHNS 003Intermediate Chinese III4
CHNS 004Intermediate Chinese IV4
CHNS 005Advanced Chinese V4
One additional elective in Chinese (or other dialects spoken in China), history, or culture, chosen in consultation with the minor advisor. A minimum of three courses must be completed at Mills.
CHNS 100Chinese Culture Through Film 3
CHNS 180Special Topics 10.25-1.25

Note: The minor in Chinese Language and Culture requires five courses, passed with a C or higher.

Study abroad is strongly encouraged both for language acquisition and the attainment of cultural competency. Up to three courses, taken abroad in a Chinese-speaking country are eligible to fulfill the requirements for the minor. Up to two courses, from an accredited university are eligible to fulfill the requirements for the minor. In all cases, whether the credits are from a Mills-affiliated study abroad program or transfer credits from any institution, the credits equivalency, if any, will be determined by the Mills Chinese Language and Culture Program director.