Child Development & Elementary Education for Peralta Partnership

At Mills, the Child Development and Elementary Education program will include classes for students’ third year that emphasize an understanding of linguistic diversity, cognitive development, urban education and child development. In their fourth year, students will complete coursework for the credential along with their student teaching.  While at Mills, students will fulfill their remaining General Education requirements required to be taken at Mills. Courses in the current program of study (EDUC 120, EDUC 125) can be used to fulfill the general education requirement of Community Engagement. Students will need to take a course satisfying the Race, Gender, and Power requirement.

Third Year

EDUC 137Language Development: Literacy, bilingualism, and communication3
EDUC 194ASenior Seminar: Child Development3-4
EDUC 194BSenior Seminar: Child Development II3-4
EDUC 155Children with Special Needs: Infants and Young Children3
or EDUC 191B Theory and Practice of ECE: Curriculum and Instruction for Infants and Toddlers with Special Needs
EDUC 120Urban Education3-4
EDUC 125Inquiry and Action in Urban Contexts3-4
Race, Gender, Power Requirement

Fourth Year

Fall Semester
EDUC 136Introduction to Development and Learning in Young Children3
EDUC 100ACurriculum and Instruction in the Elementary School
EDUC 103A Mathematics for Children 1
EDUC 147A Introduction to the Profession of Teaching Diverse Students
EDUC 152 Methodology of ELD and Content Instruction in Elementary Schools
EDUC 173AChild Life Seminar & Clinical Skills 3-3
EDUC 179Directed Research1-4
January Term
EDUC 180JSpecial Topics3
Spring Semester
EDUC 100B Curriculum and Instruction in the Elementary School
EDUC 103B Mathematics for Children 1
EDUC 147B Introduction to the Profession of Teaching Diverse Students
EDUC 173BField Experience in Child Life in Hospitals II2-6
EDUC 180Special Topics in Education3
EDUC 146 Working with Families and the Community