Child Development & Elementary Education—BA

Minimum of 60 semester course credits and general BA requirements

First Year

EDUC 036Introduction to Development and Learning in Young Children3
EDUC 025

Second Year

EDUC 138Social, Emotional, and Moral Development and Learning3
EDUC 160History and Theories of Play in Human Development, Culture, and Education3
EDUC 134Research Methodology for Observing Children4
EDUC 120Urban Education3-4

Third Year

EDUC 137Language Development: Literacy, bilingualism, and communication3
EDUC 191ATheory and Practice of Early Childhood Education: Infancy/Young Children4-6
Select one:
Family Systems and Cultural Diversity: Connections with Schools, Communities, and Hospital Setting
Children with Special Needs: Infants and Young Children
Theory and Practice of ECE: Curriculum and Instruction for Infants and Toddlers with Special Needs

Fourth Year

EDUC 173AChild Life Seminar & Clinical Skills 3-3
EDUC 173BField Experience in Child Life in Hospitals II2-6
EDUC 100Introduction to Working in the Child Care Field2
EDUC 179Directed Research1-4
EDUC 103Public Policy: Children, Youth, and Family Issues3
EDUC 147
EDUC 152
EDUC 133Curriculum and Environments in Early Childhood Education Programs3
EDUC 176Leadership and Administration in Early Childhood Programs3
EDUC 194ASenior Seminar: Child Development3-4
EDUC 194BSenior Seminar: Child Development II3-4
EDUC 136Introduction to Development and Learning in Young Children3
EDUC 149