Child Development Major—BA

Minimum of 39 semester course credits and general BA requirements

Required Core Courses
EDUC 036/136Introduction to Development and Learning in Young Children3
EDUC 133Curriculum and Environments in Early Childhood Education Programs3
EDUC 134Research Methodology for Observing Children4
EDUC 137Language Development: Literacy, Communication, and Multilingualism3
EDUC 138Social, Emotional, and Moral Development and Learning3
EDUC 160History and Theories of Play in Human Development, Culture, and Education3
EDUC 191ATheory and Practice of Early Childhood Education: Infancy/Young Children 14-6
EDUC 191BTheory and Practice of ECE: Curriculum and Instruction for Infants and Toddlers with Special Needs 14-6
EDUC 194ASenior Seminar: Child Development3-4
EDUC 194BSenior Seminar: Child Development II3-4
EDUC 114Family Systems and Cultural Diversity: Connections with Schools, Communities, and Hospital Setting 23
or EDUC 155 Children with Special Needs: Infants and Young Children
Select an additional 3-9 semester course credits from the following to complete the major: 33-9
Social Foundations of Education
Teaching for Diversity
Public Policy: Children, Youth, and Family Issues
Urban Education
Inquiry and Action in Urban Contexts
The Hospitalized Child
Children with Special Needs: Infants and Young Children
Grief & Loss: Children & Families
Leadership and Administration in Early Childhood Programs 2

Note: Flexibility to substitute a new course, or a course not on the list but offered in the department, is an option available with the approval of a departmental advisor.