Art & Technology Minor, Art Concentration

Minimum of 20 semester course credits

The art concentration minor consists of 20 semester credits, with at least one course taken in each of the following categories: electronic arts, video, sound, media theory and history, collaboration and performance, and elective. Courses listed in the first five categories may also be taken as electives. All students pursuing the minor must take IART 119 Electronic Arts Electronic Arts, which may also be repeated once as an elective. Student have the option of choosing from a range of different courses to fulfill the rest of the requirement.

Select one course from each category:20
Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts
Video I
Video II
Introduction to Electronic Music
Introduction to Computer Music
Sound Techniques of Recording
Advanced Audio Recording
Sound Art
Media Theory and History
Contemporary Art
ARTH 139
Modern to Contemporary Performance: History, Theory, and Practice
History of Intermedia and Electronic Art
20th-Century Musical Modernism and Its Aftermath
Film Music: Mood and Meaning
Collaboration and Performance
ARTH 139
Dance Improvisation
How to Make Dances
Digital Performance
Seminar in Musical Performance, Composition, and Improvisation
Three-Dimensional Concepts
Darkroom Photography: Making + Engaging
Creating Books/Creating Art: Artists' Books as Social Practice
Introduction to Computer Science
Dance Technique I: Elementary Modern
Dance Technique II
Dance Technique III
Representing Blackness: Film and Literature in Africa and the Diaspora
Celluloid Native: American Indians in Film
Film, Color, and Culture: Images of People of Color in Cinema
Musics of the World: Southeast Asia, Korea and Japan
Musics of the World: Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Americas
Intermedia Collaborations
The World of Opera
African American Music: The Meaning and the Message
PSYC 134
Cognitive Psychology
SOC 128