Art & Technology Major—BA, Technology Concentration

Minimum of 41 semester course credits and general BA requirements

Required Core Courses
CS 063Introduction to Computer Science 4
CS 064Computer Concepts and Intermediate Programming4
CS 124Data Structures and Algorithms4
IART 120Advanced Electronic Arts4
MATH 004Discrete Mathematics I4
MUS 154Introduction to Computer Music4
IART 110Introduction to Visual and Sound Programming4
IART 149Advanced Video Programming3
Select two courses from the following:5-8
Mobile Application Development
Software Engineering
Web Programming
Data Visualization
Digital Performance
Video I
Electronic Arts
Select two elective courses from the following (classes from the selections above may be taken as electives as well):6-8
Programming Languages
Computer Networks
History of Intermedia and Electronic Art
Special Topics in Intermedia A 1
Introduction to Electronic Music
Sound Techniques of Recording
Seminar in Computer Music