Art & Technology Major—BA, Art Concentration

Minimum of 42 semester course credits and general BA requirements

Electronic Arts:
IART 119Electronic Arts4
IART 120Advanced Electronic Arts4
IART 143History of Intermedia and Electronic Art3
IART 147Video I4
IART 148Video II4
MUS 161Sound Techniques of Recording4
Senior Requirement
IART 191Senior Seminar: Intermedia3
IART 192Senior Portfolio and Exhibition1
Media Theory/History
Select two semester course credits from the following:6-8
Contemporary Art
ARTH 139
Modern to Contemporary Performance: History, Theory, and Practice
20th-Century Musical Modernism and Its Aftermath
Film Music: Mood and Meaning
Select one collaboration/performance course from the following:2-4
ARTH 139
Dance Improvisation
How to Make Dances
Digital Performance
Seminar in Musical Performance, Composition, and Improvisation
Select a minimum of 8 credits from the following, in conjunction with faculty advisor (electives may also be chosen from all courses listed above):8
Three-Dimensional Concepts
Darkroom Photography: Making + Engaging
Creating Books/Creating Art: Artists' Books as Social Practice
Introduction to Computer Science
Dance Technique I: Elementary Modern
Dance Technique II
Dance Technique III
Representing Blackness: Film and Literature in Africa and the Diaspora
Celluloid Native: American Indians in Film
Film, Color, and Culture: Images of People of Color in Cinema
Introduction to Visual and Sound Programming
Advanced Electronic Arts
Advanced Video Programming
Musics of the World: Southeast Asia, Korea and Japan
Musics of the World: Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Americas
Introduction to Electronic Music
Introduction to Computer Music
The World of Opera
Advanced Audio Recording
Sound Art
African American Music: The Meaning and the Message
PSYC 134
Cognitive Psychology
SOC 128