Art History Major—BA

Minimum of 34 semester credits and general BA requirements

ARTH 018Introduction to Western Art I3
ARTH 019Introduction to Western Art II3
Select any practice-oriented ARTS, BOOK, or IART course3-4
Select one upper division course in Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque Art (Any ARTH 120-level class)3-4
Select one upper division course in Modern and Contemporary Art (Any ARTH 130-level course other than ARTH 134)3-4
Two seminars (any ARTH 190-level class other than ARTH 199)6-8
Select three electives (any ARTH lecture or seminar in any area)9-12
Senior Requirement
ARTH 199Critical and Theoretical Approaches to the History of Art4

Majors must take at least 18 credits in art history courses at Mills.