Nontraditional Students

Resuming Students 

Resuming students are aged 23 and older and comprise one‑quarter of our undergraduate students. Resuming students apply for admission as transfer students if they have taken college classes or as first-year students if they have not. For information on deadlines and the first-year and transfer admission process, please see the First Year and Transfer admission section of the catalog. 

All resuming applicants must submit the Common Application or Mills College Application with a $50 application fee and the credentials outlined in the Applying for Admission section.  

Resuming students who experience difficulty in obtaining the required credentials outlined in the Applying for Admission section are encouraged to call the Office of Admissions to discuss possible alternatives.

Second Bachelor Degree Candidates

Students who have already completed a bachelor's degree (BA or BS) may apply to Mills as second bachelor degree candidates through the Office of Admissions. The second BA or BS must be in a field that is unrelated to the first degree. Students will be required to spend a minimum of three semesters at Mills and complete at least 12 semester course credits, or more if needed to complete the new major. Students are not required to complete the Mills Core Curriculum requirements or other degree requirements, but are required to complete requirements pertaining to the major.

Non Matriculated Students 

Individuals wishing to experience the undergraduate curriculum without applying to the institution may participate as visiting students, auditors, or through participation in Summer programs.

Visiting Students

A student may, by mutual institutional agreement, take courses at Mills as a visiting student to complete the course work necessary to obtain a degree from their home institution. A visiting student completes the admission application and submits all required credentials by the fall or spring semester deadlines for transfer admission. They must also submit confirmation from their home institution that credit earned at Mills will transfer to their home institution. 

A visiting student does not receive financial aid or merit scholarship from Mills. Students from institutions that participate in exchange or visiting programs with Mills are exempt from the undergraduate application process. Students can contact 510.430.2000 or for more information.


Non-matriculated persons may be accepted as auditors in a course during any academic term. Auditors must obtain the consent of the department head and the instructor involved and pay the audited course fee. The student is under the authority of the instructor, but no grade or credit for the course is given and no record kept. Inquiries regarding auditor status should be addressed to the Registrar's Office. Students can contact 510.430.2000 or for more information.

Summer of Science

Bay Area college students of all genders (and high school students who meet the prerequisites) have the opportunity to complete a year of science courses in just 14 weeks. The Mills College Summer of Science is an intensive, interactive program created to help students complete two semesters of general chemistry or physics over the summer. Students can also take just one course, if desired. All classes offered through the program will be limited to 32 students per course and 16 students per lab section so students can delve deeply into their scientific studies and receive one-on-one attention from faculty researchers and scholars.