Joint MPP/MBA Accelerated Degree Program

The joint MPP/MBA Accelerated Degree Program enables Mills students to complete the 3-year MPP/MBA program with two years of graduate study by taking some courses as part of their undergraduate degree.

The joint MPP/MBA program is 23 courses (69 semester course credits). Students can count undergraduate courses as satisfying 8-11 of the courses required for the MPP/MBA, leaving 12-15 courses (36-45 semester course credits) to be taken as part of the graduate degree. The joint MPP/MBA degree requires at least 12 courses (36 semester course credits) be taken during the graduate part of the Accelerated Degree Program.

Undergraduate part of the Joint MPP/MBA Accelerated Degree Program

Joint MPP/MBA course requirements that can be met as part of the undergraduate degree are:

MPP/MBA Required Course Undergraduate Equivalent
MGMT 209 Economics for Managers ECON 100 Microeconomic Theory and ECON 101 Macroeconimic Theory
MGMT 214 Financial Accounting MGMT 073 Financial Accounting
MGMT 215 Managerial Accounting MGMT 215 Managerial Accounting
MGMT 216 Corporate Finance ECON 116 Corporate Finance
MGMT 230 Marketing Management MGMT 130 Marketing Management
MGMT 263 Quantitative Methods ECON 081 Introduction to Statistics and ECON 164 Econometrics and Business Forecasting
MGMT 279 Applied Economic Analysis ECON 101 Macroeconomic Theory and ECON 136 Managerial Economics
PPOL 200 Methods of Policy Analysis PPOL 100/SOC 091 Methods of Social Research and Policy Analysis
PPOL 210 Policy and Economic Analysis PPOL 015 Introduction to Policy: Identifying and Solving Public Problems
PPOL 241 Law and Public Policy PPOL 093 Law and Society
Ethics requirement PPOL 139 Ethical Reasoning in Politics and Public Policy or PHIL 062 Ethics or PHIL 125 Philosophy of Law

Graduate part of the Joint MPP/MBA Accelerated Degree Program

Students who have completed eight MPP/MBA courses as part of their undergraduate degree would earn the MPP/MBA in four semesters of full-time graduate study (15 courses; 45 credits). Students who have completed all eleven courses at the undergraduate level would need twelve additional courses (39 credits) of graduate study, which can be completed in two semesters of full-time study and two semesters of part-time study.

Students who have completed fewer than eight of the MPP/MBA requirements as part of their undergraduate degree could pursue the MPP/MBA by taking more courses as part of the graduate program, which may extend the length of their graduate study.

Graduate Courses
All MPP/MBA students complete the following courses as graduate students:

MGMT 226Management Information Systems3-3
MGMT 232Operations Management3
PPOL 220Organizational Efficacy3
PPOL 221Political Efficacy3
PPOL 227Local and Community Policy Making, Planning, and Management3
PPOL 230Integrative Core I: Application/Integration of Policy Analysis Frameworks3
PPOL 231Integrative Core II: Application/Integration of Policy Analysis Frameworks3
MGMT/PPOL 292Business, Policy, and Society3-4