BA/MPP Accelerated Master's Degree Program

Minimum of 26 semester course credits and general BA requirements

The Mills College BA/MPP Program allows majors in almost any field to earn both a BA and an MPP in a total of five years. Students complete all requirements for the BA degree during the first four years, while taking a set of foundation courses that prepare them for the one-year accelerated Master of Public Policy (MPP) Program.

PEPL majors, public policy minors, and majors in other fields are eligible to apply for the BA/MPP Program. Mills undergraduate students interested in pursuing the BA/MPP should consult with the Public Policy Program Director two years prior to their bachelor's degree graduation date in order to learn about application requirements and establish a course plan. Students who take some but not all of the foundation requirements during their undergraduate years may apply for the regular 2-year MPP degree; they will receive credit for any foundation classes completed (up to five years before entering the graduate program).

Students planning to pursue the one-year accelerated Master of Public Policy (MPP) should plan to take the following foundation courses during their undergraduate experience:

ECON 050Introduction to Economics2-4
ECON 081Introduction to Statistics3
ECON 134Public Sector Economics: The Economics of Government 14
PPOL 015Introduction to Policy: Identifying and Solving Public Problems 3
PPOL 093Law and Society3
PPOL/SOC 100Methods of Social Research and Policy Analysis 24
Select one from:
Philosophy of Law
Ethical Reasoning in Politics and Public Policy
Dimensions of Diversity in Public Policy 33