BA/MM Accelerated Degree Program

The Master of Management degree requires a total of 30 semester course credits at Mills College. Students who have completed their undergraduate degree at Mills can fulfill up to five (5) MM courses (15 semester course credits) with courses from their undergraduate degree at Mills, thus reducing the number of courses for the MM to as few as five courses (15 semester course credits).

Mills students can fulfill up to five (5) MM courses (up to 15 credits) by completing some of the following courses with a grade of C or better as part of their bachelor’s degree:

Graduate Course Undergraduate Equivalent
MGMT 209 ECON 100 and ECON 101
MGMT 214 MGMT 073
MGMT 215 MGMT 115
MGMT 216 ECON 116
MGMT 228 MGMT 128
MGMT 230 MGMT 130
MGMT 234 MGMT 101
MGMT 263 ECON 081 and ECON 164
MGMT 279 ECON 101 and ECON 136

Students who count the maximum of five undergraduate courses (15 semester course credits) toward the MM and complete the MM in a single semester are required to include MGMT 278 Social Impact Consulting  (3 credits) as one of their five courses (15 semester course credits).

Required Courses
(9 semester course credits)

The three required courses provide grounding in basic accounting and marketing skills important for any type of enterprise and the values that are core to our mission of educating ethical and socially responsible organizational leaders.

MGMT 214Financial Accounting3
MGMT 230Marketing Management3
MGMT 244Leadership and Ethics3-3

Quantitative or Behavioral Track

Students are required to complete at least two courses from either the Quantitative Track or the Behavioral Track.

Quantitative Track

Select six semester credits from the following:6
MGMT 209Economics for Managers3-3
MGMT 215Managerial Accounting3-3
MGMT 216Corporate Finance I3
MGMT 263Quantitative Methods 3

Behavioral Track

MGMT 224Persuasive Communications3-3
MGMT 227Negotiations3
MGMT 234Management & Organizational Development3-3

Elective Curriculum

Students are free to choose any combination of  electives that earn at least 15 semester course credits. MM students can also take required MBA courses as electives toward the MM, as long as they have met the course prerequisites.  The electives provide an opportunity for students to strengthen their general business knowledge or focus on a particular area by completing a concentration in: accountingeducationfinancemarketingnonprofit managementsocial entrepreneurshipsocial impact and innovation, or socially responsible business. See the complete list of MBA elective courses. Some courses outside of MGMT can also be taken as electives toward the MM; students interested in this option should seek prior approval from the Dean’s office before enrolling.

Students who have taken track courses or concentration electives as part of their Bachelor’s degree can count those courses toward meeting track or concentration requirements. These courses can count toward the credit requirements of the MM degree only if they are listed on the table above, up to a maximum of 5 courses (15 credits).