BA/MBA Accelerated Degree Program

The Accelerated Degree BA/MBA Program enables Mills undergraduates to earn an MBA degree in just one year of study at Mills beyond the undergraduate degree. Mills’ combined bachelor’s and master’s program offers a timesaving, cost-effective way to increase your career options after graduation. The MBA requires eight courses (24 semester course credits) beyond the bachelor’s degree for students who have completed specified courses as part of their undergraduate studies.

Students who would like to complete the accelerated degree program with one year of study beyond the bachelor’s degree should discuss their plans with their major advisor no later than the beginning of their sophomore or (for business administration, business economics, and economics majors) junior year. 

Students whose undergraduate course work leaves more than eight courses (24 semester course credits) remaining toward the MBA can enroll in the MBA Program as Bachelor’s-to- Master’s students and can fulfill the unmet foundation requirements either outside of Mills prior to starting the MBA portion of the program or by taking additional course(s) as part of the MBA Program.

Mills students applying to an accelerated degree program do not need to pay an application fee for their graduate application, and may use unofficial transcripts and transfer of credit reports printed from the portal in lieu of an official Mills transcript. Please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions with questions you have about the BA/MBA program.

Because MBA graduates are expected to have professional work experience, an internship is strongly recommended for students with limited business-related work experience. The Career Services Office provides guidance to students seeking internships.

Students can complete an MBA at Mills in one year following their bachelor’s degree. Fulfill up to nine MBA course requirements by completing the following courses with grades of C or better as part of their bachelor’s degree:

MBA Required course Undergraduate equivalent
MGMT 209 Economics for Managers ECON 100 Microeconomic Theory and ECON 101 Macroeconomic Theory
MGMT 214 Financial Accounting MGMT 073 Financial Accounting
MGMT 215 Managerial Accounting MGMT 115 Managerial Accounting
MGMT 216 Corporate Finance ECON 116 Corporate Finance
MGMT 230 Marketing Management MGMT 130 Marketing Management
MGMT 234 Management & Organizational Development MGMT 101 People & Organizations
MGMT 263 Quantitative Methods ECON 081 Introductory Statistics and ECON 164 Econometrics & Business Forecasting
MGMT 279 Applied Economic Analysis ECON 101 Macroeconomic Theory and ECON 136 Managerial Economics

Students take the following courses as graduate students to complete the MBA: 

MGMT 226Management Information Systems3
MGMT 232Operations Management3
MGMT 244Leadership and Ethics3
MGMT 290Strategic Management3
Plus four electives (a minimum of 12 semester course credits)12

Students who have completed some but not all of undergraduate courses listed above as part of their bachelor’s degree can enroll in the MBA Program as accelerated degree program students and can fulfill the remaining requirements in one of two ways:

  • Take the course outside of Mills prior to starting the MBA portion of the program. To count toward the MBA, courses taken outside of Mills must cover comparable material and be at least 3 semester units, and must have been completed at an accredited, four-year college or university with a grade of B or better within five (5) years prior to enrollment in the MBA Program. (Financial and Managerial Accounting may be taken at an accredited junior/community college or continuing education program in which the courses have been certified for credit eligibility towards the CA Certified Public Accountancy exam). Courses must be approved by the Dean’s office prior to starting the MBA. After students have started the MBA program all courses must be taken at Mills.
  • Add the course to the MBA Program requirements. Students would thus take more than 8 courses (more than 24 semester course credits) toward the MBA and would take the MBA equivalent version of the course as part of their MBA studies. This could extend the amount of time that it takes to complete the MBA.

Elective Curriculum

Accelerated degree program students take at least four courses (a minimum of 12 semester course credits) of electives. The electives provide an opportunity for students to strengthen their general business knowledge or focus on a particular area by completing a concentration in: accounting, education, finance, marketing, nonprofit management, social entrepreneurship, social impact and innovation, or socially responsible business. See the complete list of elective courses. Some courses outside of MGMT can also be taken as electives toward the MBA; students interested in this option should seek prior approval from the Dean’s office before enrolling.

Students who have taken concentration electives as part of their Bachelor’s degree can count those courses toward a concentration although they do not count toward the 12 course credits of elective courses required for the MBA.