BA/MA in Infant Mental Health

The Accelerated BA/MA Degree Program (ADP) is designed for Mills students to earn a BA in psychology and an MA in infant mental health in five years. This specialized master’s degree is unique to Mills College. The program integrates a carefully designed curriculum that combines undergraduate and graduate specialized course work and field placement with a broad background in the liberal arts and sciences. The undergraduate portion of the program requires students to complete the Mills College BA as psychology majors and the master's degree year begins fall of the student’s 5th year at Mills.

Undergraduate Requirements
Minimum of 42 semester course credits and BA general requirements

PSYC 040Life-Span Developmental Psychology3
PSYC 049Fundamentals of Psychology3
PSYC 118Psychopathology3
PSYC 132Physiological Psychology3
PSYC 142Attachment and Loss4
PSYC 146Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences4
PSYC 151Research Methods in Psychology4
PSYC 155Social Psychology3
or PSYC 161 Clinical Psychology
PSYC 165Infancy4
PSYC 193Infant Mental Health Thesis4-4
And select at least one additional psychology course.3
Senior Requirement
PSYC 192History and Issues in Psychology4

Majors must take at least six psychology courses at Mills, including PSYC 192 History and Issues in Psychology.

An infant-toddler practicum is required for the BA/MA in Infant Mental Health, preferably completed in the junior year. This practicum can be fulfilled by enrollment in EDUC 191A Theory and Practice of Early Childhood Education: Infancy/Young Children or EDUC 191B Theory and Practice of ECE: Curriculum and Instruction for Infants and Toddlers with Special Needs.

Graduate Requirements
Minimum of 26 semester course credits

EDUC 231Assessment and Intervention for Children with Special Needs3
EDUC 238Social, Emotional, and Moral Development and Learning3
EDUC 255Children with Special Needs: Infants and Young Children3
EDUC 275AField Experience in Early Childhood Special Ed and Infant Mental Health3
EDUC 275BField Experience in Early Childhood Special Ed and Infant Mental Health3
PSYC 293AInfant Mental Health Master's Thesis I4
PSYC 293BInfant Mental Health Master's Thesis II4
In addition, students must take 3-4 semester course credits to complete the degree