BA/MA Child Development & Elementary Education

This program is open only to students who are majoring in Child Development & Elementary Education. The graduate year of this program requires 26-27 additional credits.

Fifth Year

EDUC 236Development and Learning : Infancy through Adolescence3
EDUC 290Advanced Seminar in Child Development3
EDUC 294AGraduate Seminar: Research in Education—ECE3
EDUC 275AField Experience in Early Childhood Special Ed and Infant Mental Health3
EDUC 234Research Methodology for Observing Children3
EDUC 238California Community College History, Politics and Policy3
EDUC 276Leadership and Administration in Early Childhood Programs3
EDUC 294BResearch Seminar—ECE3


Select one of the following:
EDUC 203Public Policy: Children, Youth, and Family Issues2-4
EDUC 214Family Systems and Cultural Diversity: Connections with Schools, Communities, and Hospital Setting3
EDUC 227/427Issues of Race and Ethnicity in Education4
EDUC 263Administrative Practicum in Early Childhood Programs3