BA/MFA in Dance

The accelerated MFA in Dance is an ingenious way for hard-working Mills students with a passion for dance to apply their undergraduate studies in the discipline toward a terminal graduate degree in the field. Through one additional year of rigorous study (24 course credits beyond the bachelor’s degree), students will be able to expand their career options after graduation.


Prerequisite courses that must be completed as part of the BA, 21 credits

DNC 133Applied Concepts in Kinesiology 2
DNC 157Music and Dance2
DNC 159Stage Production2
DNC 165Modern to Contemporary Performance: History, Theory, and Practice3
DNC 182Group Choreography2
DNC 185Sources and Inventions2
Plus 7 credits of undergraduate electives in dance which may include technique courses7

Required courses, 30 graduate credits

DNC 288Critical Acts 14
DNC 250AThesis: Research Project 12
DNC 207Dance Technique II2
DNC 209Dance Technique III2
DNC 2142
DNC 250BThesis: Writing2-4
DNC 250CThesis: Concert2
DNC 286Contemporary Choreography: Stylistic and Contextual Investigations2
DNC 2972
An additional 8 credits of graduate electives, with at least one course chosen from DNC 270 or above. Undergraduate courses numbered 199 or lower may not be counted toward the MFA electives for ADP students.8

Recommended Sequence

Complete all 21 undergraduate credits by fall of the senior year.

Plan of Study Grid
DNC 250A Thesis: Research Project 2
DNC 288 Critical Acts 4
 Total Credits6

Graduate Degree 

Plan of Study Grid
Fifth Year
DNC 207 Dance Technique II 1
DNC 209 Dance Technique III 1
DNC 250B Thesis: Writing 2-4
DNC 297 Plus 4 credits of graduate electives 2
 Total Credits6-8
Plan of Study Grid
Fifth Year
DNC 207 Dance Technique II 1
DNC 209 Dance Technique III 1
DNC 250C Thesis: Concert 2
DNC 286 Contemporary Choreography: Stylistic and Contextual Investigations 2
Plus 6 credits of graduate electives 6
 Total Credits12