BA/MA in Interdisciplinary Computer Science

Minimum of 156 semester course credits—120 for undergraduate plus 36 for graduate 

The requirements for an undergraduate major differ from computer science.

All other undergraduate degree requirements, including the GE/Core Curriculum requirements.

Four prerequisite computer science courses counted as undergraduate credits:
CS 063Introduction to Computer Science 4
CS 064Computer Concepts and Intermediate Programming4
MATH 004Discrete Mathematics I4
MATH 006Discrete Mathematics II4
Five required computer science courses counted as graduate credits:
CS 111Computer Architecture4
CS 124Data Structures and Algorithms4
CS 214Programming Languages4
CS 232The Interdisciplinary Computer Science Research Process4
CS 250Thesis for Degree of Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Computer Science4
Four elective computer science courses, at least three of which must be taken at the 200 level, counted as graduate credits and selected from the following:16
CS 100
Compiler Design and Implementation
Theory of Algorithms
Linear Optimization
Theory of Computation
Computer Networks
Cryptography and Network Security
Machine Learning
Software Engineering
Topics in Computer Science
Web Programming
An interdisciplinary master's thesis combining the undergraduate major with computer science.
Residence of at least three years.