BA/MA English Language & Literatures

The Mills College Accelerated BA/MA Program allows majors in any field to earn an MA in English Language and Literatures in just one year of study beyond the bachelor’s degree. Students complete all requirements for the BA degree (120 semester units) and 30 semester units of graduate course work for the MA in English Language and Literatures.  

The Mills MA in English is an innovative degree program that provides a strong foundation in literature, theory, and pedagogy. Our Alumnae/i receive full funding at top-tier PhD programs, teach in high schools, community colleges and four-year institutions, and build careers as content producers, editors, facilitators, and writers.

The core curriculum centers your intellectual and literary interests through rigorous mentoring by our faculty of renowned scholars. At least 3 and up to 6 credits of your required course work in the fifth year will be completed through individualized, one on one study with a faculty member. Your culminating thesis, a sustained and innovative scholarly research project, will be developed in collaborative conversation with faculty. Our mentorship in the pedagogy of teaching writing is unparalleled. Our flagship course, Theories and Strategies of Teaching Writing, connects you to our extensive network of teachers at local community colleges.

Paid graduate assistantships on campus in the fifth year provide invaluable classroom and tutoring experience. You are also encouraged to apply for community collaborator positions, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation through We Are The Voices. Each year a cohort of collaborators are mentored as they propose, conceptualize, and implement a project, often pedagogical, that explores the transformative power of literature in East Bay communities.

Prerequisites to be completed as part of any BA degree
ENG 010Introduction to Literature3
Undergraduate literature courses6
Required credits for the MA in English Language & Literatures completed during undergraduate study
Plan of Study Grid
ENG 282 Critical Theory 2 3
200 level ENG literature course 2 3
 Total Credits6
Graduate Degree 
The remaining 24 semester course credits are completed in one year after BA completion
Plan of Study Grid
Fifth YearCredits
ENG 237 Mentored Study for MA Degree 3
ENG 272 Theories and Strategies of Teaching Writing 4
Minimum of 14 credits of course work in literature at the 200-level, including at least two courses that include a graduate-only lab 1 14
ENG 250A MA Thesis 3
 Total Credits24