Special Courses

COLL 005 Information Literacy-Information Technology Skills
This non-credit course is required of all entering undergraduate students and must be taken at Mills. Students must self-enroll and complete the online course during their first semester. Passing the course fulfills the General Education Program requirement for Information Literacy and Technology Skills.

The course explores aspects of information technology as they relate to liberal arts education. Students develop an understanding of the basic operations of computers and computer networks; an ability to search databases and the Internet as sources for reliable information; skill in evaluating resources; and an appreciation of ethical and legal issues related to the use of these technologies. Skills for incorporating information into documents (facility with word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software) will be assessed. The course is also open to graduate students, and is offered fall and spring each year.

Independent Study

Students with proven ability and sufficient background in a given subject may apply for an independent study course in that subject. Independent study courses are offered for a maximum of 4 credits and are officially numbered 095 for sophomores and 195 for juniors and seniors. First-year students are not eligible to enroll in an independent study. An independent study may be undertaken only upon the recommendation of the head of the department after departmental discussion, and may not be used to fulfill Core Curriculum requirements. Independent study forms can be obtained online. These courses can be taken for a letter grade or as "P/NP."

Directed Research

Advanced students of proven ability and sufficient background in a given subject may apply to assist a faculty member to do advanced research. Directed research is offered to students in the major for a maximum of 3 credits which may not count toward the major. Directed research may be undertaken only upon the recommendation of the faculty research supervisor and the head of the department after departmental discussion. Directed research courses are numbered 179 in the department concerned. No more than six credits of directed research will count toward graduation credits for the Mills degree. Students register for directed research online. These courses are "P/NP" only.


Continuing juniors and seniors who have been at Mills for at least one semester and who have a semester and cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher are eligible for internships for academic credit. Internships are offered for 3 credits and may not count in the major, unless required. No more than two internships will count toward graduation credits for the Mills degree, and all internships require an active academic encounter that includes some aspect of research, learning, and intellectual growth. Clerical duties may never comprise the majority of the experience. All credit internships may be completed on or off campus; on campus internships must be unpaid; off-campus internships may be paid or unpaid. Internships must be approved in advance by a faculty supervisor, the faculty advisor, and the Academic Standing Committee; therefore, retroactive approval is not permitted.

Students enrolled in internships are not permitted course overload. Internships are numbered 197 in the department concerned. All required forms and guidelines are available from Career Services. These courses are "P/NP" only.

Teaching Practica

These courses cover a variety of directed and supervised experiences in classroom teaching. They are restricted to students who have appropriate background and proven ability, as determined by the faculty supervisor, and require approval of the head of the department in which they are undertaken. Students enrolled in teaching practica are not permitted course overloads. No more than six credits of teaching practica will count toward graduation credits for the Mills degree. Students may not enroll in the same course for which they are doing a teaching practicum. Teaching practica are numbered 177 in the department concerned. Students must submit a Teaching Practicum Registration form, available online. These courses are "P/NP" only.

Individual Music Instruction

These courses, open to all undergraduate students, are available for individual instruction in voice and in a number of instruments.

Students who wish to enroll in individual instrument or voice instruction should register for the course as listed in the course schedule at the appropriate level, determined in consultation with their advisor. Students must contact the Music Department to be placed with an instructor. Placement in these courses requires an audition with the Music Department. If placed with an instructor, charges for the individual instruction will appear on the student's account. Individual instruction courses are numbered: MUS 007, MUS 009, MUS 057, MUS 059, MUS 107, and MUS 109. These courses can be taken for a letter grade or as "P/NP."

Service Learning

Mills offers some courses with an optional 1 credit for service learning. This 1 credit is earned for volunteer work related to the subject matter of the course and may require additional assignments or meetings at the discretion of the instructor. Service learning credit must be associated with an academic course. Students may take one service learning course per semester.