Nursing Certificate


A student's nursing certificate requirements are those stated in the catalog in the year in which she is admitted to Mills. To be eligible for graduation, students must complete all the requirements listed below and should refer to the departmental listing for specific course requirements:

  1. Core Curriculum (CC) Requirement (4 courses; 14 semester credits)
    The four-course (14-semester credit) Core Curriculum requirement for pre-nursing students is fulfilled by: Race, Gender and Power; Creativity, Innovation and Experimentation; Written and Oral Communication I and II.

    Students can also earn Core Curriculum credit through AP credit or prior college-level course work. COLL 005 (0 credit) is required of all entering undergraduates. ENG 001 is required of all entering undergraduates unless they have equivalent transfer credit (AP credit does not fulfill ENG 001). COLL 005 must be completed during the student's first semester of attendance, and ENG 001 must be taken during the student's first year of attendance.
  2. Science Core (6 courses; 24 semester credits)
    Nursing students must complete six four-semester credit science core courses as part of the major. At least three of these courses must be completed at Mills.
  3. Remaining Major Requirements (24 semester credits)
    Students must also complete the eight additional courses specified by the department as part of the major.
  4. Minimum GPA of 2.5
    The Mills cumulative GPA must be at least 2.85 to advance to the second year of the program. However, students must maintain a prerequisite course work GPA of 3.0, which includes all prerequisite course work taken prior to entering Mills and while a student at Mills, to transfer to a partner Nursing School for their final two years of study.
  5. Credit Restrictions
    Physical Education (PE) Courses
    A maximum of 2 semester course credits in physical education activities, including competitive sports, may be taken by students while enrolled in the Nursing Program. Students wishing to enroll in additional PE courses must register for these courses as "Audit" ("AU").