Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree Requirements

A student's degree requirements, including the major and minor sequence requirements, are those stated in the catalog in the year in which the student is admitted to Mills. To be eligible for graduation with a BA degree, students must complete all the requirements listed below:

  1. Total Semester Course Credits (120 semester credits)
    Each student must complete a minimum of 120 semester course credits including transfer credits and/or Advanced Placement (AP) credits.
  2. Core Curriculum (CC) Requirement (10 requirements; 30 semester credits)
    The 10-course (30-credit) CC requirement can be fulfilled through numerous courses throughout the curriculum which reflect our general education outcomes; students can also gain CC credit through AP credit or prior college-level course work. Courses required for the major may also count toward the CC requirement. A single course may count for up to two requirements. COLL 005 (0 credit) is required of all entering undergraduates, and must be taken during the student's first semester at Mills. ENG 001 is required of all entering undergraduates unless they have equivalent transfer credit. ENG 001 must be taken during the first year of the student's attendance. 

    NOTE: The core curriculum requirements listed here are applicable to all students entering during academic year 2016-2017 or later . Students who entered during an earlier academic year should view the General Education Requirements in their entering year catalog in the catalog archives. (See The Core Curriculum.)
  3. Major (31-57 semester credits)
    Majors confined to a single discipline will require 31 to 57 semester course credits; a divisional or interdivisional major requires 13 to 16 semester course credits within the combined fields of concentration. Students may major in no more than two fields, each field requiring at least 30 unduplicated semester course credits. Refer to the Departments and Programs section of the catalog for specific major requirements. (See Declaring a Major.)
  4. Minor (Optional) (15 to 20 semester credits)
    A minor consists of 15 to 20 semester course credits. Students may minor in no more than two fields. No courses taken for the minor may be counted in the major or in a second minor. Refer to the Departments and Programs section of the catalog for specific minor requirements. (See Declaring a Minor.)
  5. Upper-Division Credits (30 semester credits)
    Each student must complete a minimum of 30 100-level semester course credits.
  6. Letter Grades in the Major and Minor
    All courses in the major and minor sequences must be completed with letter grades. "Pass/No Pass" ("P/NP") grades are not permitted in the major or minor unless specifically required (e.g., internships).
  7. Residency Requirement (40 semester credits)
    Students must be in attendance at Mills during the last two semesters immediately prior to graduation and must complete a minimum of 40 semester course credits at Mills, which requires a minimum of three semesters of study. Courses taken through international study, domestic exchange/visit, cross-registration, or concurrent enrollment do not count toward the residency requirement.
  8. Minimum 2.0 Cumulative GPA
    No student may graduate with a cumulative Mills GPA of lower than 2.0.
  9. Credit Restrictions 
    Physical Education (PE) Courses
    A maximum of 4 semester course credits in physical education activities, including competitive sports, is allowed toward the degree. Students wishing to enroll in additional PE courses must register for these courses as "Audit" ("AU") and will receive no credit for them. A student may receive credit for no more than two 1-semester credit activity or competitive sport participation classes in any one semester. (Activity courses are numbered PE 001–049; competitive sports courses are numbered in the 100s.) 
    Dance Technique Courses
    Students who do not major in dance may apply no more than 10 semester course credits of dance technique toward the degree. 
    Music Performance Courses
    Students who do not major in music may apply no more than 10 semester course credits in individual instrument instruction, individual voice instruction, or performance and composition toward the degree.