Academic Opportunities Off Campus


Mills sophomores, juniors, and seniors in satisfactory academic standing are eligible to enroll in courses at the following institutions through cross-registration:

  • American Conservatory Theater
  • Berkeley City College
  • California College of the Arts
  • California State University, East Bay
  • Chabot College
  • City College of San Francisco
  • College of Alameda
  • Contra Costa College
  • Graduate Theological Union
  • Holy Names University
  • Laney College
  • Merritt College
  • Napa Valley College 
  • Saint Mary's College
  • Sonoma State University
  • University of California, Berkeley (excluding UC Extension)

The following limitations apply to cross-registration:

  1. The course must not be offered at Mills during the semester the student intends to cross-register.
  2. Only one course may be taken per semester.
  3. No more than 4 cross-registered courses may be applied toward the degree; however, exceptions to this policy may be granted by the Academic Standing Committee in cases where it is beneficial to the student’s program.
  4. Cross-registered courses may be taken for a grade or for pass/no pass credit only.  Auditing a cross-registered course is not allowed.
  5. Students may not enroll in independent study, tutorial, or individual instruction courses.
  6. Acceptance in any course depends upon space availability, the instructor's approval, and compliance with the deadlines of both schools.
  7. A cross-registration course does not count toward the residency requirement of 36 credits at Mills; however, students who have reached the transfer credit limit will still receive credit for the course.
  8. Cross-registration is not available during the summer or January term.
  9. While students may cross-register during their final semester at Mills, it is not recommended because the time required to receive and review the student's transcript will delay the posting of the student's degree and release of the diploma.

The Cross-Registration Permit is available online. Students are required to obtain the signature of their advisor, the Mills registrar or assistant registrar, the course instructor, and the registrar of the host institution, in that order.

Concurrent Enrollment

Sophomores, juniors, and first-semester seniors may, under exceptional circumstances, enroll at Mills and another institution not under a cross-registration agreement. A maximum of 3 semester course credits equivalent may be taken per semester. Concurrent enrollment must be approved by the Academic Standing Committee before the student registers at the other institution if the credit earned elsewhere is to be applied toward the Mills degree. Concurrent enrollment will not be approved for a student’s final semester at Mills, nor will approval be granted retroactively. Concurrent enrollment is not included in the student's enrollment status at Mills for the purposes of financial aid.

Domestic Exchange/Visit

Continuing undergraduate students seeking a Mills degree who have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and who have no "Incomplete" grades on their record may participate in a Mills domestic exchange or domestic visit program during their junior year. In some cases, sophomores and seniors may receive permission to participate in a domestic exchange or domestic visit program, with the approval of the Academic Standing Committee in consultation with the International Study Abroad Committee. These programs provide an opportunity for students to study at participating institutions within the United States (see the list below). Students participating in the domestic exchange program pay the Mills full-time tuition, and incidental fees to Mills while attending the exchange institution. For some programs, room and board are paid directly to the host institution. Students participating in the domestic visit program pay the host institution's tuition, room and board, and incidental fees through Mills. Students must be enrolled in classes at Mills the semester prior to participation in domestic study.

Exchange programs are available with:

  • Agnes Scott College
  • Howard University
  • Manhattanville College
  • Mount Holyoke College
  • Simmons College
  • Spelman College
  • Swarthmore College
  • Wheaton College

Visiting programs are available with:

  • Barnard College
  • American University, Washington DC
  • Wellesley College

For further information, visit Domestic Exchange Opportunities online or contact the M Center at 510.430.2000 or

International Study

Degree-seeking, continuing undergraduate students who have a minimum GPA of 3.0, and who have no "Incomplete" grades on their record, may arrange to spend part or all of their junior year in a study abroad or international exchange program. In some cases, students may receive permission to study abroad as a second-semester sophomore or a first-semester senior with the approval of the Academic Standing Committee in consultation with the International Study Abroad Committee. Students must be enrolled in classes at Mills the semester prior to participation in international study.

All deposits required by the study abroad program are the responsibility of the student and should be paid directly to the program.

Students who wish to participate in an international study program not approved by Mills may request program review by the Study Abroad Committee prior to participating in the program.

For further information, contact the M Center at 510.430.2000 or

Study Abroad

Worldwide opportunities currently exist for students to study abroad through one of many programs approved by Mills. Programs currently approved by Mills are:

  • Academic Programs Abroad: Paris
  • American University Center of Provence
  • Arcadia University
  • The Beijing Institute of Asian Studies
  • Boston University International Programs, except International Honors Program
  • Butler University Institute for Study Abroad
  • Center for Cross-Cultural Study
  • Central College–Mérida, Mexico only
  • Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)
  • Denmark's International Study Program, Denmark
  • Foundation for International Education (FIE)
  • Institute for American Universities
  • Konstanz University Program in Germany through Rutgers University
  • Lewis and Clark College (Munich program only)
  • Marymount College, London (Drama only)
  • Middlebury College Language Program
  • New York University
  • Sarah Lawrence College
  • School for Field Studies
  • School for International Training
  • St. Olaf's College: Budapest Semester in Mathematics
  • Siena Art Institute
  • University of Minnesota International Development Programs in Ecuador, India, Kenya, and Senegal; Montpellier

Students do not need to major in a language to qualify for study abroad. However, those intending to study in either French or Spanish speaking countries must have at least two years of college-level study in that language or its equivalent.

Students should plan to start the application process at least one full semester prior to the desired term of participation. Because the application process requires detailed information regarding the student’s chosen program and courses, students are advised to obtain information about courses and course descriptions, as well as associated costs, before completing the application. The Study Abroad Application can be found online.

The Mills study abroad application procedure is as follows:

  1. Research the programs to decide on the program provider and location for the study.
  2. Complete the Mills College Study Abroad Application; fill out the first part; and drop the form off with the Statement of Purpose at the M Center for Academic Records to review and sign.
  3. Contact the appropriate study abroad advisor to review the Statement of Purpose and discuss the selected program.
  4. Meet with the academic advisor to finalize course selection.
  5. Obtain the appropriate signatures in the order they appear on the application.
  6. Submit the completed Mills application to the M Center.
  7. Receive the Mills College notification of approval via email.

Once the Mills College International Study Application is submitted to the M Center and the student receives an official approval email for international study, the student may begin the application process for the particular program in which they hope to participate. Students may obtain the program application from the program itself. Program applications often include forms that need to be completed by Mills College faculty or administrators. Students are advised to start the application process early and to allow ample time for the faculty or administrator to complete and return the forms to the student. Students are responsible for submitting their program applications by the deadline published by the program.

International Exchange

Additional opportunities for international study exist through Mills international exchange programs. These programs allow students to study at participating institutions in Hong Kong and Korea without satisfying a college-level language requirement, as intensive language instruction is available at each institution.

Academic year and semester exchange programs are available at:

  • Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea
  • Lingnan University, Hong Kong, China
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, China
  • Kobe College, Japan

To apply to participate in the international exchange program, students complete the International Study Application, and approved students receive the supplemental exchange application via email.

Mills has agreements with these schools and is guaranteed a set number of spaces for those students selected and recommended by Mills. Students are selected for participation in the program by the International Study Committee in November for the spring semester and in February for the following fall semester or academic year.

Students participating in academic year or semester exchange pay regular Mills tuition and incidental fees to Mills while attending the exchange institution.  For some programs room and board are paid to Mills; please contact for questions.