Elective Courses

The electives provide an opportunity for students to strengthen their general business knowledge or focus on a particular area by completing a concentration in: accounting, education, finance, marketing, nonprofit management, social entrepreneurship, social impact and innovation, or socially responsible business. Some courses outside of MGMT can also be taken as electives toward the MBA: students interested in this option should seek prior approval from the Dean's office before enrolling.

General Electives

MGMT 211Money and Financial Institutions *3
MGMT 212Intermediate Financial Accounting3
MGMT 218Financial Derivatives3
MGMT 219International Finance3
MGMT 220Games and Behavior3
MGMT 223Digital Marketing3
MGMT 224Persuasive Communications3
MGMT 225Simulation & Modeling in the Social and Policy Sciences3
MGMT 227Negotiations3
MGMT 228Governmental Accounting and Nonprofit Accounting3
MGMT 233Marketing Research3
MGMT 239Urban Economics *4
MGMT 247Project Management3
MGMT 249Business Analytics3-3
MGMT 250Persuasive Oral Presentations1
MGMT 253Environmental Economics *3
MGMT 255International Trade3
MGMT 267Financial Statement Analysis3
MGMT 270Nonprofit Management3
MGMT 271Funding Social Impact3
MGMT 272Socially Responsible Business3
MGMT 274Innovation in Business, Social, and Government Organizations *3
MGMT 275Social Entrepreneurship3
MGMT 278Social Impact Consulting3
MGMT 280Topics in Business 11-3
MGMT 282Modeling and Data Analysis 4
MGMT 286The Business of Being an Artist *3
MGMT 288Management Practicum1-4
PPOL 200Methods of Policy Analysis3
PPOL 220Organizational Efficacy3
PPOL 227Local and Community Policy Making, Planning, and Management3
PPOL 235Environmental Policy Analysis3