Data Science Concentration

A concentration in data science builds expertise in quantitative methods and for data management and analysis. Graduates are equipped for positions that require statistical and programming skills to support managerial decision making.

To earn the data science concentration, students must take one of these classes after taking MGMT 263 Quantitative Methods , ECON 081 Introduction to Statistics, or a comparable statistics course:  

MGMT 264Econometrics and Business Forecasting3
ECON 282Modeling and Data Analysis3
MGMT 249Business Analytics3
Plus two of these as electives:
ECON 265Applied Econometrics (prerequisite: MGMT 264 or equivalent)3
ECON 266Introduction to Data Analysis (prerequisite: ECON 263 or equivalent)3
ECON 263Python Computer Programming3
MGMT 264Econometrics and Business Forecasting3
Of these: 1
Econometrics and Business Forecasting
Modeling and Data Analysis
Business Analytics