Early Childhood Special Education Child Life Credential

MA in Education with an Emphasis in ECE with Child Life and Preliminary Education Specialist Instruction Credential (MA/ECE/CL/ECSE)

Minimum of 59 semester course credits

This program will allow the students to specialize in Child Life and earn the Education Specialist Instruction Credential with the specialty area of Early Childhood Special Education and added authorizations of Emotional Disturbance. Students will plan their course schedule with a faculty advisor; the following core courses represent a typical student’s movement through the program:

Plan of Study Grid
First YearHours
EDUC 214 Family Systems and Cultural Diversity: Connections with Schools, Communities, and Hospital Setting 3
EDUC 231 Assessment and Intervention for Children with Special Needs 3
EDUC 238 Social, Emotional, and Moral Development and Learning 3
EDUC 242 The Hospitalized Child 3
EDUC 253 Child Life Seminar & Clinical Skills 3
EDUC 254 Medical Information: Children in Hospitals and Clinics 2
EDUC 255 Children with Special Needs: Infants and Young Children 3
EDUC 256 Grief & Loss: Children & Families 3
EDUC 260 History and Theories of Play in Human Development, Culture, and Education 3-3
EDUC 291A Theory and Practice of Early Childhood Education 0-8: Infancy and Preschoolers 3
EDUC 291B Theory and Practice of ECE: Curriculum & Instruction for Infants and Preschoolers with Special Needs 3
 Total Hours32
Plan of Study Grid
EDUC 273A Field Experience in Child Life in Hospitals 1 3
 Total Hours3
Year II & III
EDUC 237Language Development: Literacy, bilingualism, and communication3
EDUC 263Administrative Practicum in Early Childhood Programs3
EDUC 273AField Experience in Child Life in Hospitals3
or EDUC 273B Field Experience in Child Life in Hospitals II
EDUC 275AField Experience in Early Childhood Special Ed and Infant Mental Health3
EDUC 275BField Experience in Early Childhood Special Ed and Infant Mental Health3
EDUC 276Leadership and Administration in Early Childhood Programs3
EDUC 294AGraduate Seminar: Research in Education—ECE3
EDUC 294BResearch Seminar—ECE3