The Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Computer Science

Minimum of 43 semester course credits

Applicants to the Interdisciplinary Computer Science Master’s Program must have the equivalent of one year of discrete mathematics and one year of introductory computer science using Java or C++. (Students with only one semester of discrete mathematics may arrange to complete their second semester at Mills, but this credit will not count toward their degree.) Students who have not satisfied this requirement may be considered for the certificate program, with the possibility of transferring to the masters program after successful completion of these courses. Students who are currently in the post-bac certificate program must have a GPA of 3.0 and have earned at least a B in CS 063 Introduction to Computer Science and CS 064 Computer Concepts and Intermediate Programming in order to be eligible for the masters program. Exceptions may be made upon the recommendation of the department.

CS 111Computer Architecture4
CS 124Data Structures and Algorithms4
CS 214Programming Languages4
CS 232The Interdisciplinary Computer Science Research Process4
CS 250Thesis for Degree of Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Computer Science4
Select one additional interdisciplinary course in a discipline related to your prior background or professional interest.3
Electives 1
Select five elective computer science courses, at least three of which must be at the 200 level, from the following:20
CS 100
Compiler Design and Implementation
Machine Learning
Mobile Application Development
Theory of Algorithms
Linear Optimization
Theory of Computation
Computer Networks
Cryptography and Network Security
Software Engineering
Topics in Computer Science 2
Web Programming

Note: For courses offered at both the CS 100 and the 200 level, students enrolled at the 200 level will be required to do additional work in the course.